Born in 1979, I grew up in the small town of Uki. There I have spent many years of my life, a place where art was bought into my world.

Early memories consist of drawing, writing, and climbing trees. As time grew, and so with age I become more and more interested in the world of art.

The infinite nature of all that exists is pure inspiration. This is where a work, a creation develops. Art is alive! The simple beauty of a leaf, thoughts, emotions, the wonder of what could be, or the result of media and their reaction to each other on the canvas. Text on a page given the right space and alignment, or pastel hues upon sunset. Inspiration and art come in waves from a variety of sources.

My work includes a variety of genres and media. Painting in various forms, photography, writing, computer graphics ˜ among other things. It seems more then ever I keep coming back to acrylics. I love the diversity of this medium. I love the process of a painting, which invites a conversation with the art piece as it is being created.

Another big love of mine is Gilberts Tree. A delightful gift & novelty shop located at Tweed City (Northern NSW). I have the pleasure of running this business with my sister & artist Jo Lorenz. Together we seek out unique finds and items for our wonderful customers. "It’s all about embracing your awesome self and the things you love." This inspires us to create a space in which people can come from all walks of life, to connect with the quirky, the inspirational, and more.

Who knows what is set before me as an artist or person? Most of all I hope to learn, love, feel inspired and continue to create.